Rick brings the knowledge and expertise of over thirty years' experience to every project. He offers a variety of abilities in all phases of the development process. Rick has been responsible for engineering and project management for numerous seating and furniture products. His concern for the environment drives him to incorporate renewable and sustainable materials into his projects.



Bruce Sienkowski is a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design. He became interested in woodworking at a young age, and that interest led him to a successful career in product design and development. He believes that "... successful design is a result of collaboration between all who are invested in the outcome. Design is for the user, and for industry; if either is not at the table then the solution is weak". All perspectives must be considered to have a remarkable product.



Terry comes to 2B Studio with over 30 years of Office Furniture Industry experience, including five years in New Product Development. He has worked in several manufacturing locations and understands systems furniture, desking, seating, and panel system products. He brings a vast understanding of surface material types and how each have inherent failure modes. Fostering a Continuous Improvement Culture is Terry’s goal, which includes but is not limited to; verbal and written communications, appropriate detailed documents, drawings and designs, and a clear interpretation of product features and options. Terry believes in achieving the ultimate, that of “delighting the customer”, involves focused and purposeful listening skills.



Eric is responsible for the fabrication of 2B Studio's prototype and product testing lab. He brings a refined level of skill and craft to all his work even while destroying furniture in the interest of product testing. Eric's mechanical aptitude and concern for high quality make him an ideal model maker. Many of the models and prototypes that he painstakingly constructs are later destroyed by him in testing. As a young man Eric started working with his hands guided by his father a finish millwork carpenter of over 30 years. Eric enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping when he is away from the shop at 2B Studio.



Will Oltman spent time in design school grabbing up awards and practical experience and hasn't looked back since. Internationally recognized as an industrial designer for 2B Studio, Oltman, a juggler and jazz trumpeteer, has channeled a life of variety into his work. Boomerangs, ministry, Taekwondo, woodworking and street performing spur Oltman to design. Oltman studied architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology and went on to graduate with a degree in industrial design from Kendall College of Art and Design.