Live Seating

Live Seating is a living seating environment used to temporarily beautify vacant urban lots and building sites. A wire understructure is used to give form to soil and is covered with biodegradable mesh to control seeding. Grass seed, sod, or ground cover is added and nature runs its course. A compression molded 100% recycled-pc/abs-based cushion tops off the structure. Live Seating can be translated to a number of furniture forms such as a bench, stool, lounge, or tables. Units can be placed in an area and over time will become completely integrated with the landscape. Once the vacant space is required again for construction, Live Seating can be easily dismantled and recycled.

Groupe Lacasse Showroom

Groupe Lacasse, a manufacturer of laminate case goods and seating, came to us to provide a fresh presentation for their product line in a 6500 sq. ft. NeoCon showroom. The space itself had existing architectural elements that had to be worked into the design. 2B Studio worked in conjunction with an independent interior design consultant to create new product displays, large scale fabricated logo graphics, column covers, wire supported fabric forms, and colorful lighting to accent the color theme of the space.

Leland Showroom

Leland International felt that in order to reach the full potential of their brand development they would need a stronger presence at the national trade event showcasing their products. This required investing in a permanent showroom for the first time in the company's 18 year history. Open architectural frames serve as visual layers separating the various furniture lines, creating an ethereal sense in what was otherwise a long narrow room. The white backdrop over the entire space accentuates the form and color of the products. The simple elegance of the showroom not only set Leland apart from the other exhibitors, but also captured the 14th Annual IIDA Best Small Showroom award. See case study...

IO Display

When the display that is supposed to be showcasing a product is unrefined itself, the product suffers. For our client, we created cost effective injected molded polycarbonate eyeglass holders and shelving accessories for point of purchase display. The new holders are easy to install, modular, and can withstand the weight of eyeglasses, mirrors, graphics, and shelving. See case study...


Inspired by space frame structures found in architecture, the Cricket bench brings unique design elements to a human scale in the interior of a building. With a playful construction evoking images of geodesic domes and the biomimicry of natural forms, Cricket seating meets the demand for a flexible bench in high traffic public spaces. The modular design allows multiple units to be linked in linear or arced configurations. A generous offering of surface materials and optional table elements make Cricket adaptable to a myriad of design themes for any environment.


Dialysis treatment chairs have to meet very specific requirements benefiting both the patients and clinical staff. We conducted in-depth research, talking to both patients and nurses, within the dialysis environment to identify key problems and opportunities. It was essential that we quickly gain an understanding of the procedures and client needs so we would be able to make a meaningful contribution to the new product. The result is a product that maintains our client's brand identity while incorporating innovative qualities that help the clinician access the patient easier, make the chair more sanitary, and provide the patient more comfort.

Point of Care Cart

When approached by our client to design a powered computer cart for hospitals, we had to challenge their perception of what they thought they needed and what the project required. We conducted in-hospital research to identify problems with current carts and observe the way they were used on a day to day basis. The result is an easy to use mobile cart with an ergonomically designed steering handle featuring an integrated power meter. A cord management and storage bin keep all electrical components and accessories neatly contained.

Whip Clip

Many equestrians that ride or train horses with a whip, crop, or bat have experienced the inconvenience of carrying a whip while riding and dropping it to the ground. The Whip Clip allows riders to have their whip readily available when they need it and out of the way when they do not. The compact design securely attaches to the riders boot or half chap so the whip is always within reach. The memory retentive thermoplastic is durable enough to withstand a rigorous canter, yet flexible enough for easy removal and insertion. See case study...

Advanced Green Roof

There are many environmental, economic, and social benefits of a green roof system. The Advanced Green Roof (AGR) system maximizes each of these benefits. AGR is a modular system with integrated subsurface irrigation - a water efficient method of irrigation that reduces water usage. The design of the recycled plastic tray allows for a single water drip line to service multiple AGR units. Unique biodegradable sidewalls support the green roof media until installation and a slope stabilization component controls erosion on sloped roofs. See case study...

Otto Screen

Dividing space in a flexible, welcoming way is a challenge. The Otto screen meets that challenge, with both a fixed and a stationary base option that give it broad adaptability. The ethereal translucent Xorel fabric is considered to be the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly plastic on the market today. Its long life span and durability stand up well to the demands placed on a mobile product.

La Petite Vitesse

How do you recreate a sculpture so that it can be reinterpreted by teams of artists and apprentice students? We designed this miniature replica of a Calder stabile (also known as La Grande Vitesse) to be portable, paintable, and weatherproof. This initiative, sponsored by ArtWorks of Grand Rapids, was part of a summer job training program for teens.

Mobile Pedestal

Mobile storage should be light and stable. We designed this mobile pedestal to compliment our client's desk system. The design achieves stability through a top-loading file bin. This feature keeps the center of gravity constant, whether the user is accessing the files or not. Our design allowed the client to use existing manufacturing capabilities, supplemented by a minimal number of purchased components.

Sample Kit

Tables are not built to be portable. Our client needed a sales sample kit for a new table line that we designed. We were asked to develop a sales presentation case with interior packaging for easy assembly, display and repacking. Our solution presents the quality of design and construction to potential specifiers.

Wood Occasional Table

Variety often makes manufacturing difficult and expensive. When our client wanted to expand their occasional table line, we designed a universal tapered fitting that would accommodate many different styles with a clean, sophisticated appearance. This design minimized components, while offering a variety of leg styles and edge details. The tables have added significant growth to our client's revenue.

Mobile Medical Cart

The mobile medical cart plays a significant role in providing access to critical supplies. Many of the available designs did not accommodate the variety of supplies required and lacked flexibility. We designed a mobile cart with interchangeable parts to allow for custom configuration. This new product allowed our client to fulfill a variety of needs with a small inventory of components.

Tablet Arm

Tablet arms live a hard life. We designed and developed this tablet to withstand a 600lb drop from 6". To offer proof, customers are encouraged to "test drive" the tablet arm before buying. Our client is now perceived as a market leader in this category, thanks to our successful product development process. See case study...

Arena Seating

The construction of established stadium seating products is cost-prohibitive for new market entrants. With a more innovative approach and the use of new technologies, we provided a solution that allowed this client to enter and compete in the market. The new design provided a competitive price for the customer and a profitable return on the investment for the manufacturer. See case study...

Children's Seating

Kids sit in it, but adults specify it; so our client's foray into children's seating had to appeal to adults. We designed a chair with clean lines, using the same curved plywood featured in the adult seating lines. Animal-shaped cutouts and primary-colored glides make the chair fun for the little people who sit in it.

Davidson Trade Show

A trade show exhibit must capture immediate attention and create a draw to attendees. We designed a dramatic backdrop with larger-than-life graphics highlighting the process and product capabilities of our client, who manufactures curved plywood components. The exhibit, while large, is easy to ship, assemble and tear down, making it suitable for multiple events.

Lounge Seating

Large-scale public spaces dwarf both people and furniture. Our design is scaled to marry the user with the space. This new seating product line, featuring an extended back height, helps to create a sense of privacy when arranged in groups. The substantial table anchors the seating group, grounding all of the pieces within the space.


Quarry is designed to provide easily adaptable collaborative workspaces that support today's work environment. Personal workspaces continue to shrink eliminating space for informal desk side meetings and there is the need in offices to create these spaces elsewhere. Quarry is light, flexible, and provides spaces with an organic and natural feel. Through its unique shapes, power sources, and technology, Quarry offers a solution for this growing need.


The Zing chair is uniquely designed for indoor/outdoor dining as well as guest seating. The form fitting top rail provides an unexpected level of comfort for a chair with a minimal profile. Although designed on the principals of simplicity, Zing boast an extensive palate of options. Multiple seat and back options allow the specifier to choose a multitude of looks based on the same frame. Each back and seat combination has been developed to add personality to the chair depending on the application.

PET Lounge Chair

Pop bottles begin and end their lives as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This common behind-the-scenes fiber is used in everything from bathtubs to carpet to shower curtains. The PET chair, which is 100% recyclable, is an organic form created of inorganic material. It curves and flows to cradle the user's body. We designed this concept product to explore the use of sustainable materials.